The department of Economics was the oldest U.G. Departments since 1967 to 2004
It had P.G. course M.A. Economics from 1967 to 1989
Our department of Economics operated the B.A. Economics Evening College from 1968 to 1988 for 20 years
B.A. Economics Evening College is for 3 years duration
Pre-University Course in Economics is for 2 years
In 1989, The P.G. Course in Economics was to be wound up, due to the creation of a P.G. center where all P.G. Courses of different colleges are housed.
From 1989 to till date, the department of Economics has been offering P.G. Courses in Economics
From 1991, two parallel B.A. Courses B.A. "A" Section and B.A. "B" Section, housing about 200 students in both sections.
The Department of Economics has about 2000 books in the department Library which are now kept in the custody of general college Library.
The Department has at present, 6 Ph.D's and 3 M.Phill Faculty members.
There are 3 faculty registered for Ph.D at Pondicherry University in Industrial Economics, Agricultural Economics and in Child Labour Economics.
The Department hopes to start a new job-oriented course, namely "B.A. Corporate Economics", in the next year, subject to approval of the Govt. of Pondicherry and provision of infrasucture facilities


Economics Faculty
Dr.A.Balachandaran,M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., ,             HOD

Dr.Surath Nayak,M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.

Mrs.T. Sunitha,M.A.,M.Phil.,

Lt. Dipak Uchapalli, M.A.,M.Phil.,

First Semester
Paper-I - Towards Understanding Economics

Paper-II - Statistical Methods-I

Allied-I - Population Studies-I

Public Administaration

Second Semester
Paper-III - Micro Economics-I

Paper-IV - Mathematics for Economists-I

Allied-II - Environmental Economics

Environmental Studies

Third Semester
Paper-V - Macro Economics-I

Paper-VI Micro Economics-II

Paper-VII - Statistical Methods-II

Fourth Semester
Paper-VIII - Macro Economics-II

Paper-IX - Monetary Economics

Paper-X - Mathematics for Economics-II

Fifth Semester
Paper-XI - International Economics-I

Paper-XII - Public Finance-I

Paper-XIII - Elements of Econometrics

Paper-XIV - Indian Economy-I

Paper-XV - Development Economics

Sixth Semester
Paper-XVI - International Economics-II

Paper-XVII - Public Finance-II

Paper-XVIII - Indian Economy-II

Paper-XIX - History of Economics Thought

Paper-XX - Indian Financial Institution and Markets