The department of French is one among the first few which existed since the college started in 1961. To start with,a handful of stuff taught French.As the Under Graduate Course progressed to Post-Graduate Course the effective increased. Post-Graduate course in French was started in 1965 in Tagore Arts Collegeand was eventually shifted to the newly created Post-Graduate Centre namely Kanchi Mamunivar Center for Post-Graduate Studies in 1989.

The main course offered for the student of B.A. French has been oriented towards French literature, translation and civilization. There has always been a good response for the learning of French not only as a Main Subject but also as a second language. In general, knowledge of the French culture and language has proved to be an asset o the students.

The Department also caters to the needs of the students of the Department of Tourism(BBA) by handling one of their main papers (Communicative Language in French).

A General Study reveals that almost all the French Graduates had their place in society both in India and abroad. As our late Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru rightly pointed out in 1961, when he came to inaugurate our college that Puducherry is "The window of French Culture" the Department of French is committed to making his statement a reality.

Highlights of the department of french
* U.G.Course started in 1961.

* P.G.Course started in 1965.

* Bifuration of P.G.course 1989.

* Experienced staff-6 Members-All Regular with not less than 12 years experience.

* 4 of the staff have undergone training programme in various Universities of France.

* Syllabus framed in a manner to give importance to Literature, Communicative Language, Translation and Tourism.

* Upto 2001 the Department worked on shift system(A.N)

* All the staff of the Department of French are past students of TAC.

* Most of the Students who passed out from TAC are Professors/Lecturers /Teachers in various Universities,Colleges and Schools in India and Abroad.

* Tutorial System is kept active.

* Parent-Teacher Meetings are being conducted on a regular basis.Parents have responded positively to this move.

* Monthly Test, Model Exams are conducted regularly before the University Examinations.

* All the staff have attended Oriented/Refresher course.

* A Department Cultural Programme "SOIREE FRANCAISE" is organizes everyyear by the students of the Department.

French Faculty
Mr.C.Anebarassou,M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,                     HOD

Mrs.P.Lakshmi Raju,M.Litt.,Maitrise FLE.


Dr.Jenni Balasubramanian,M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D

Ms. Bhawna MA. M.Phil

First Semester


General French for Communication


History of France-I

Public Administration

Second Semester


French for Tourism


French Civilization

History Of France-II

Environmental Studies

Third Semester


Communication Skills In Hotel Bussiness

Study Of Selected Literary Texts-I(Middle Age &16th Century)

Study Of Selected Literary Texts-II(17th Century)

French Civilization-II

Fourth Semester


Writing Skills In French

Study Of Selected Literary Texts-III(18th Century)

Study Of Selected Literary Texts-IV(19th Century)

Study Of Selected Short Stories Of Guy De Maupassant

Fifth Semester

Study Of Selected Literary Texts-V(20th Century)

Translation Techniques


Scientific French

Business French


Professional Communication-I

Sixth Semester

Francophone Literature

Translation Technique-II



Special Author-J.M.G Le Clezio

Special Author-Charles Perrault

Professional Comuunication-II

History of French in India