Department of Physics has been part of this institution from the year its inception,1961.

Physics was offered as one of the subject for both A and B groups of PRE-UNIVERSITY COURSE( P.U.C.),till the introduction of +2 pattern. And also the Department has been offering Allied Physics subject for Mathematics and Chemistry Main Students.

Physics had been introduced as a main subject in the year 1968, since then the Department had been showing the BEST WAY for many students who is doing research, placing themselves at the top of the best institutions both at home and abroad.


Since September 1997, the department has been functioning in the ground-floor of a new Science block with 1,154 sq.m of floor area, incorporating three well-equipped laboratories and three lecture hall, besides staff-rooms, store rooms.

The infrastucture facilites in the Department are sufficient to manage a strength of 40 Students.


First,Second and third yeat B.Sc. Physics have well furnished class rooms. Practicals are carried out in two different laboratories for main and allied students,furnished with suitable work tables and apparatus.

Store room

The store room has updated records of academics, administrative activities and also costly eqipment, materials.


Physics Faculty

Dr.P.Nallasamy,M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.                  HOD

Mr. Ramesh Vengalaraju, M.Sc., NET            Assistant Professor

Dr. P. Ravikumar, M.Sc. MPhil. B.Ed., Ph.d           Assistant Professor

First Semester
Multi Indian Language Paper-I

English Paper-I

Physica Laboratory

Mechanics of particulars,rigid bodies and continuous media

Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics


Public Administration

Second Semester
Multi Indian Language Paper-II

English Paper-II

Physics Laboratory-II

Oscillations,waves and acoustics



Environmental Studies

Third Semester
Multi Indian Language Paper-III

English Paper-III

Physics Laboratory-III

Electricity and Magnetism

Modern Physics and Relatity


Chemistry Laboratory

Fourth Semester
Multi Indian Language Paper-IV

English Paper-IV

Physics Laboratory

Quantum Mechanics



Chemistry Laboratory

Fifth Semester
Physics Laboratory-V

Physics Laboratory-VI

Solid State Physics

Atomic and molecular Spectroscopy

Digital Electronics

Elective Courses-I

Sixth Semester
Physics Laboratory-VII

Physics Laboratory-VIII

Numerical methods and Compuatational Physics

Nuclear Physics

Renewable Energy and Energy harvesting

Elective Course-II