The Department of Tourism and Travel Management was formed on 23rd January 2004 when it was bifurcated from Historical studies and Tourism Management.

Although the tourism courses were started in the year 1996, the formal department was formed this January. Previously it was a part of History department and the classes were conducted and handled by the same department.

The nomenclature of the degree was changed from BTTM (Bachelors in Travel and Tourism Management) to BBA- Tourism (Bachelors in Business Admission) after the last Academic Board Meeting, 2003 when a few changes were also introduced in the course syllabus. The syllabuses are attached for your perusal.

The objectives and department:

To import knowledge about the smokeless industry �Tourism� and state the various aspects of tourism.
To prepare professionals who can understand the different aspect of tourism industry and work in the changing tourism scenario.
To provide right environment and resources to the faculty to pursue their research in their filed of interest.


All the faculty members actively participate in seminars and regular interact with the faculty members of other institutes, thus try to keep abrest with the latest in the academics and research.

The department has OHP, Plastic Screen, Slide projectors, Camera Public Address System, Colour T.V. and V.C.P. These teaching aids help the faculty in reaching the students better.

Future plans:

The department plans to change the present syllabus and incorporate more of tourism and management issues in the syllabus. There is also a need of incorporating more hospitality industry facets in the syllabus.

A greater interaction with the industry is planned to give the students a better employment opportunity in future.

Some small terms course like Guiding and Escorting and others specialized sectors are planned, through not in the near future.

Tourism Faculty
Dr.Pratima Kumari Dash,M.T.A.,M.A(His),PGDTTM.,Ph.D.               HOD

Dr.Annamalai Murugan,Ph.D.

Dr.E.Devabalane,M.T.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., D.I.D.C., D.C.A., NET(Tourism)


First Semester
Paper-I Tourism Business-I

Paper-II Tourism Product-I

Paper-III Indian Culture-I

Allied-I History of India(From 1600 to 1857A.D)

Second Semester
Paper-IV Tourism Business-II

Paper-V Tourism Product-II

Paper-VI Indian Culture-II

Allied-I History of India(From 1857 to 1954A.D)

Third Semester
Paper-VII Communicative Language: French-I

Paper-VIII Tourism Marketing-I

Paper-IX Travel Agency & Tour Operators Business-I

Paper-X History of India Art-I

Allied-III History & Cultural of South India-I

Fourth Semester
Paper-XI Communicative Language: French-II

Paper-XII Tourism Marketing-II

Paper-XIII Travel Agency & Tour Operators Business-II

Paper-XIV History of India Art-II

Allied-IV History & Cultural of South India-II

Fifth Semester
Paper-XV Airfares & Ticketing for Tourism

Paper-XVI Principles of Management

Paper-XVII Hotel and Catering Management

Paper-XVIII Economics of Tourism

Paper-XIX Indian Geography

Sixth Semester
Paper-XX Computer Application for Tourism

Paper-XXI Managerial issues in Tourism

Paper-XXII Ecology, Enironment & Toutism

Paper-XXIII World Geography

Paper-XXIV Field Trip Report & Viva-Voce/on the Job Training.