The Tagore Government Arts and Science College the prestigious and premier institution in the Union Territory of puducherry having been established in the year 1961

The Department of Zoology came to existence in the year 1962. The enthusiasm and perseverance of Prof. Bindhumadhava Rao brought the course into reality. To begin with the college was affiliated to Madras University . From the academic year 1986-87 the college has been affiliated to the Puducherry University . In the year 1987 M.Sc. Zoology was started in this college. In the year 1988 it has been shifted to the Post Graduate Centre. Many batches of students came out successfully under the able and efficient guidance of the member of our faculty.

The Department of Zoology has maintained the active participation in curricular and extracurricular activities by the staff and students. Periodical Tutorial Meetings were held to know the strength and weakness of the students and to encourage and assist them accordingly. Besides activities of the department were stepped up with extra coaching given to the failure students. Parents� teachers meeting were also held to discuss about the progress of the students, particularly after every model examination. Though the parents are most of them from rural area they make it a point to take part in it.

The members of staff adapt different methods of teaching besides chalk and talk; different teaching aids are used like charts and overhead projector etc.

The students are divided into 6 wards and each staff member is incharge of one ward. The staff members maintain details of the students of their wards. Progress reports are sent to their parents and parents teacher meets are conducted. Weak students are identified and special coaching is given to weak students.



The Department has the following infrastructure:

  • Main Laboratory
  • Allied Laboratory
  • Work Room for preparation
  • Museum
  • Main store room
  • Animal room
  • 3 Class rooms-III Yr Class room, II Yr Class room, I Yr Class room
  • Staff room
  • Room of HOD
  • Computer room

The laboratories are spacious with all facilities to conduct the practicals. The class rooms are also spacious and airy.


Zoology Faculty

Dr.G. Krishnamorthy, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,             HOD


Dr. R. Karthikeyani, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,PGDCA.,Ph.D.,PDFWM

First Semester
Language Paper-I

English Paper-I

Paper-I Animal Diversity-I

Paper-II Cell Biology

Allied-I Plant Science-I

Allied-I Mathematics-I/Zoology-I

Main Practical-I

Allied Plant Science Practical-I

Second Semester
Language Paper-II

English Paper-II

Paper-III Animal Diversity-II

Paper-IV General Physiology

Allied-II Plant Science-II

Core Module Course Environmental Stidies

Main Practical-II

Allied Plant Science Practical-II

Environmental Studies Practical

Third Semester
Language Paper-III

English Paper-III

Paper-V Animal Diversity-III

Paper-VI General Endocrinology

Allied-III Chemistry-I

Main Practical-III

Allied Chemistry-I

Fourth Semester
Language Paper-IV

English Paper-IV

Paper-VII Environmental Biology

Paper-VII Genetics

Allied-IV Chemistry-II

Main Practical-IV

Allied Practical Chemistry-II

Fifth Semester
Paper-IX Biochemistry

Paper-X Immunology

Paper-XI Molecular Biology

Paper-XII Evolution and Animal Behaviour

Paper-XII Optional-I Instrumentation and Techniques

Main Practical-V

Main Practical-VI

Sixth Semester
Paper-XIV Developmental Biology

Paper-XV Biotechnology

Paper-XVI Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

Paper-XVII Aquaculture

Paper-XVIII Optional-II Applied Zoology

Main Practical-VII

Main Practical-VIII